Lives and works in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 26 3709055. E-mail:

Left: Colour testing with home made inks: Cadmium red with different gradations of green. The Blockprints are linocuts.

Used machine parts, motor components, laboratory materials and electronic waste are the basis for my artworks. They constitute my main tools. Like old letterpress type or cliches, I roll them in with ink and print them on white sheets of paper. I create new machines, switchboards and electronic systems. This is time consuming and a physically intense process.



In series 1 and 3 there is always a grid or a precisely composed background structure. I have an idea of which direction I want to go. But all the time I improvise, compose and respond to what's happening on my paper. The colour structure can be very complex at the end.

Series 2 includes the more spontaneous and mainly improvised works. I prepare one or two colours on the glass plate and start printing on 50 x 65 size paper. I just take some metal forms to start with and see what happens.


Currently I started making my own printing ink. Stand oil as a base mixed with pure pigment powder. This is very laborious but the result: A very colourful and opaque ink.


All prints are for sale, unless otherwise indicated. I expose my works from time to time.


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